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Test Prep Insight is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. No matter what state you are in, the bar exam is one of the most daunting professional exams in the country, and is not a test you want to be unprepared for. To ensure you are completely ready, and to give yourself the best shot at passing on the first try, you will almost assuredly need a bar review course.

But with so many prep options to choose from and so much at stake, how do know which one is best for you? Our team of test prep experts has thoroughly reviewed every bar review course on the market and ranked the best of the best here to help you make an informed decision. In the video above, John from the Test Prep Insight team who successfully passed the California bar exam on his first attempt walks you through each review course that made our list.

Best Bar Prep Courses (2021 Reviews)

Alternatively, you can always continue reading for more details regarding each course. Kaplan boasts a first-rate course structure designed to optimize your learning and material retention through a robust and repeated learning framework.

This purposeful framework provides an excellent means of learning or re-learning the material you need to do know, drilling it, and letting it sink in through review and recap.

barbri bar prep books

And this manner of studying is all wrapped around some top flight lessons, both in-person and on demand. The in-person lectures are delivered by excellent instructors with a knack for easily communicating difficult subjects, and the on demand video lessons have some of the strongest production quality we have seen. One of the highlights of the Kaplan bar review course is the sheer quantity of practice material you get.

This quantity of practice material is best in class and is utilized in multiple ways to maximize learning. Practice problems are accessed through lessons, drills, practice tests and extracurricular study.

Additionally, each MBE question is accompanied by a thorough text explanation, breaking down the question and answer choices in detail, making for a full-circle learning experience through review. If you want to learn more, you can find our full review of the Kaplan bar review course here. The makers of your trusted law school case briefs and outlines, Quimbee now offers a comprehensive bar review course.

At just under a thousand dollars, Quimbee provides incredible value in prepping for the bar. Their instruction consists of a nice mixture of video lessons, outlines and strategy guides. The Quimbee video lessons take a much different track from traditional bar review courses by using engaging cartoon-style skits to convey the material being taught.

Animated characters act out the case or legal principle being discussed in a funny and memorable way. This is a fantastic means of improving material retention and really helps with recall down the road when you see that particular case or legal issue again.

The outlines and strategy guides that accompany the videos are thorough and very well-written, while still being intelligently distilled down to the most important material. These are the basis of your content review and offer true value.

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While not offering quite as much study material as other courses, the Quimbee bar review course is a fantastic all-around package for the price with a solid curriculum. Quimbee makes our best list for one primary reason — value. When staring down the prospect of spending thousands of dollars on a prep course, some students look for a more affordable, but comprehensive option.

If you want to learn more, you can find our full review of the Quimbee Bar review course here. A relative newcomer to the bar prep world, BarMax was a must-add to our best bar review courses list for those students seeking flexible, self-paced study.

With an eye towards the future of test prep, BarMax recognizes that the modern student is extremely busy and their life centers around digital content. As such, they smartly designed their prep program to give students access to the study materials from anywhere, at any time, on any device.

Their lectures are a combination of concise black letter law outlines keyed to audio lectures from Harvard Law School professors. Perhaps their biggest selling point, BarMax offers students a fantastic mobile app. This app goes well beyond a few practice questions and flashcards, and gives you access to all of your study materials, whether online or offline.Test Prep Insight is reader-supported.

When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. Given the significant differences between these prep packages, it is a truly tough call. Fortunately, our team has purchased and personally tested both of these bar review courses, analyzed all of their features, and rated them here, so you can break down which course is best for you in this side-by-side comparison.

Given that this is a detailed and lengthy comparison, above find jump-to links for each category for easy navigation. Advantage : Quimbee. In fact, Quimbee takes our best value bar review course designation on our list of best bar courses. And honestly, this is probably why you landed on our comparison guide. More on this below. Advantage : Barbri.

Their course structure and materials have been vetted and incrementally improved upon for decades, giving them one of the most solid prep packages around.

barbri bar prep books

Their prep books are excellent and their coursework is as comprehensive as it gets. But the reality is that this is not a huge difference in quality anymore. Whereas Barbri used to hold a major lead over other bar prep providers, competitors like Quimbee have really closed the gap in the last few years. In terms of pure quality, our team loves what Quimbee has to offer. With a streamlined curriculum focused on detailed black letter law outlines, strategy guides, and some killer video lessens, this quality disparity is not a wide margin at all.

In fact, given the massive price gap, the quality between these prep providers is so close that we actually rank Quimbee higher on our list of best bar review courses.

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We can see why many students wonder whether Barbri is still worth it. Barbri takes the traditional approach to video lectures with an onscreen instructor standing behind a lectern, giving their lesson on whatever topic is being covered that day. We appreciate that Barbri brings in some big name attorneys and legal scholars to teach these videos, but they can still be snoozers.

On the other hand, Quimbee employs hundreds of fun and engaging cartoon-style skit videos, which we think appeal more to modern students. These short video lessons break down more complex legal issues by showing cartoon attorneys, judges and litigants acting out cases and legal principles. For visual learners, these videos are awesome, and they greatly help with tying a concept back to a visual marker that improves later recall.

Advantage : Tie.

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This category is basically a tie, as both Quimbee and Barbri offer bar preppers access to the same real, previously used bar exam questions. This offers bar exam takers studying with both companies the same opportunity to drill on official material, so we have a hard differentiating here. One factor that pushes this category in favor of Barbri is volume. So the whole, our team calls this one a tie.Taking the first step 2. Confirm your U.

Select a U. Factors to consider 5.

Here's What Taking the Bar Exam Is Really Like

Start preparing early 6. Learn to be average 7. Work multiple-choice effectively 8.

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Rely on your personal bar prep coach. Successfully passing a U. But the added qualification of being a licensed American attorney will signify your understanding of U. More U. Each U. Your current credentials as a foreign law graduate, lawyer or U.

Or you may have some gaps to fill.

Quimbee vs Barbri

Be sure to confirm your eligibility with the board of law examiners in the state in which you plan to sit before enrolling in a U. Extended bar prep or 8-week bar review? Online home study or a blended online and classroom course? You decide. Bar Prep courses are designed for non-U. They are very flexible as they are extended over a 6- or month duration. Bar Prep courses also provide the greatest amount of support with a personally assigned mentor throughout the course.

barbri bar prep books

Your mentor offers personalized guidance through unlimited check-ins and coaching sessions. You'll also receive guidance through the Foreign Evaluation of Credentials and bar exam application process as needed. Bar Prep course.While enrolled, students will receive faculty approved programming to aid in comprehension and overall academic success. The direct benefits derived from this partnership include a discounted cost for a bar review program available after graduation, materials available at orientation, assistance and materials utilized in the Legal Skills class, access to online exam preparation programming, written materials for core subject materials designed to improve student preparedness, materials used during the bar preparation course students take during their final semester in law school, and outside grading and feedback made available to students during the bar preparation course and the bar review program.

All transfer students that enroll at the Law School after Springregardless of class designation 1L, 2L or 3L will participate and gain the benefits of this program throughout their time on campus. Transfers will receive a pro-rata benefit of future bar review program costs determined by the number of semesters spent at the Charleston School of law. It is strongly recommended that graduates take the bar exam soon following graduation, but graduates will remain eligible at any time.

Students may be eligible to take the bar exam review course in the same state one additional time free of charge. Students will be eligible to take the bar exam review course once in any state.

Graduates who elect to take a second bar exam from another state, or select a different state to take the bar exam after failing the first exam, are responsible for all costs associated with the bar review course, at a reduced alumni rate. All students receive the benefits of the partnership with BARBRI and are eligible to take the bar review program at the paid in reduced rate.

For students enrolling at the Law School prior to Fallyes, a majority of the money put towards the BARBRI bar review program is transferable after any of the first four 4 semesters at the Law School.

For students enrolling at the Law School in Fall or after will not be able to transfer any of the cost.

barbri bar prep books

For students enrolling at the Law School in Fall or after will not be eligible for a reimbursement. The pro-rated calculation is based on the number of semesters a student attends the Charleston School of Law and pays a Student Success Fee.

Students enrolling at the Law School in Fall and after will not be eligible for a refund. Students who decide to not use the BARBRI course — either electing to take a different program — must inform the School of their decision no later than March 1 Spring or October 1 Fall of their final semester.

Below are Frequently Asked Questions and Answers students may have related to this partnership. Frequently Asked Questions Do all students receive a post-graduation bar review course without additional charge? Do eligible graduates have to take the bar exam immediately upon graduation? Students are guaranteed this negotiated price. If a student transfers to another school will any of the cost for the BARBRI post-graduation bar review program transfer with that student?

If a student drops out of law school will any of the cost for BARBRI post-graduation bar review program be reimbursed?

If a student elects to use another post-graduation bar review program or not take the bar exam, is any of the cost for the BARBRI post-graduation bar review program refunded? Quick Links.You can also Sign In by visiting barbri. Visit esc. To be eligible for the New York Bar Exam, foreign applicants must have completed a three-year or four-year full-time, on-campus, qualifying common law degree.

The curriculum needs to be on campus and amount to European Credit Transfer System credits.

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If a foreign applicant has completed a civil law degree, then they will need to have completed one-year, full-time LL. The LL. However, law degrees from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh are not accepted. These applicants will also need to complete the one-year LL. Visit this page to learn more about U.

Candidates who have completed a two-year accelerated LL. This is because with accelerated degrees, candidates must have completed the degree in three years. We have found that those applicants who have completed a postgraduate common law qualification such as a UK LL. Dual-modular degrees are difficult because the law modules must meet European Credit Transfer System credits. Again, those applicants whom have completed a postgraduate common law qualification, such as a UK LL.

Unfortunately, those candidates are not eligible for the New York Bar Exam. The applicant must then complete a one-year LL. Generally, any qualified lawyer in good standing anywhere in the world is eligible to sit the California Bar Exam. So long as the attorney can produce a certificate of good standing and a home jurisdiction practice certificate, the California Bar Exam is available.

In addition, an international law student may become eligible for the California Bar by completing a one-year LL. In practice, this means completing an LL. Equally, an online LL. There is no particular visa required to travel to the United States to sit for a U. Traveling on a normal tourist visa is sufficient. Yes, is the short answer; however, the reality is United States immigration law is tough.

For those who wish to relocate to New York and practice after New York qualification and for California after California qualificationa firm or employer is required to sponsor their work visa.

Without completing a law degree from an accredited law school in the U. It is designed to test knowledge and skills that every lawyer should have before becoming licensed to practice law. The Uniform Bar Examination provides a standardized bar exam, and examinees who take the UBE earn a portable score that can be transferred to seek admission in other UBE jurisdictions.

However, foreign applicants without a U. California is a state-specific bar exam which means that once you qualify in California, you can only practice as an attorney in California. Bar exam formats vary by state. For more information about U. Bar Prep Personal Study Plan PSP will be available on the course start date, which varies based on the course duration you select and the bar exam for which you are studying February or July :.

Course Length. Spring Start. Fall Start. Feb — Jul. Sep — Feb. Apr — Feb.BARBRI tells you the criteria and standards to which you are being assessed, shows you how to undertake the task and provides multiple practice opportunities to hone your skills.

You will select from a flexible full-time 8-week or a part-time week course. Your PSP curates graphics, interactive exercises and illustrative video clips. It also delivers masterclass videos, during which industry experts will explain the SQE2 skills against the assessment criteria, as well as best practice demonstrations.

The teaching materials and workshops are wholly examination-driven. They are carefully crafted to convey what you need to know in each subject. Materials are recorded and available to each candidate online throughout the programme.

Prior to the commencement of the SQE2 Prep course, each candidate is supplied with materials for their studies, together with a bespoke SQE2 guide. You will undertake regular mock SQE2 assessments, with individualised tutor feedback to assess your progress, plus a full simulated assessment, delivered online or at our London campus. Well informed is well-armed. So be sure you have the most updated information about the exam that will shape your future legal career. Skip to content.

SQE2 Prep. SQE2 Enrolment available from Get Info. Key features. Personal Study Plan. Resource Books. Professional Resource Books. Being better prepared starts today. Just sign up.Candidates with a J.

Best for candidates without a J. Up to 25 more points on average, actually. Over 1. But the truth is that number has nothing, yes nothing, to do with how you will perform on the bar.

For the same amount of effort, BARBRI students get more points on their bar exam than those who took another prep course. More points, less work. And it recalibrates as it learns from you. Pretty genius. Chemerinsky, Freer, Franzese, and more. We have options for whichever learning style best suits your needs.

The review videos were particularly helpful for classes that I did not take in law school that still appeared on the bar. Each problem contained a detailed answer and analysis.

Bar Preparation course over six months because it allowed me to weave in studies with my other commitments. There are options with BARBRI, so finding the right path to prepare for the bar exam is highly individualized and simplified.

My favorite tool while studying was the Conviser Mini Review. There was no doubt that if I did not understand a subject, the Mini Review would make things clear. Not only to help prepare for the bar, but as a supplement to assist with acing final exams. If you are considering other bar prep programs, stop now. You won't regret it. The video lectures and Conviser Mini Review helped me to internalize the vast amount of information tested on the exam, while the multiple choice and essay practice questions forced me to organize my thoughts and empowered me to excel on game day.

Skip to content U. Traditional Bar Review. Full-time course week. Study for any U. Best for:. Extended Bar Prep. Better prep, better score. This graph shows the obvious — the more work you complete, the higher score you'll achieve. More points for the same effort. Again, makes sense. Confidence in the cushion. When so many students fail by very few points, every point matters. Which group do you want to be in on exam day? What numbers actually matter?

Watch this short video to find out. Learn from the best and brightest legal minds. More students trust us. Saurabh Aggarwal Toronto, Canada.

Caleb Lund Southwestern Law School.